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Our Mission

We are on a mission to lift Guatemalan children out of poverty by providing them with an education.


Why invest in a child's education?

Less than 50% of the adolescent population is enrolled in secondary education. Only 37% of Guatemalans graduate with a high school diploma. This rate is lower for women and girls. Schooling is substandard, with hidden costs preventing many children from attending beyond the primary level.

Yet these children are eager to learn.

Guatemalans are hard working and industrious. When given the tools that only education can provide,

they can break the cycle of poverty.

You can make a difference.



Through generous donations, our organization provides sponsorship to children in need. A sponsored child receives school uniforms and school supplies and is enrolled in our after-school program, as well as in our nutrition and dental hygiene program.


Maribel Lázaro

Mother of 5 

"The role of this organization in our community is enormous, because without this organization, all of these students would not be in school."

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