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Our Programs

Child Sponsorship

Children growing up in poverty have limited or no access to education. But with support from people like you, these children can get an education and life skills to create lasting change in their lives and communities.


Your monthly sponsorship donation of $35 US for a primary student or $70 for a high school student provides that student with all the necessary school supplies and school uniforms, educational support in our after-school program, plus medical attention if she/he falls sick. Access to these life-changing benefits will help these children break out the cycle of poverty and ensure success in their future.

Through letters, photos and yearly updates, you have a personal connection to see how your gift affects the life of your sponsored student. Sponsor a child today by clicking on the DONATE button and be the hope for a child living in poverty.

Does child sponsorship work? Research says yes:


After-School Program


Our students attend our program daily to receive help with their homework and have access to the internet, to participate in our English classes, take part in our Love of Reading program, and receive math tutorials. Our teaching staff is in constant contact with their school teachers to reinforce what they are learning in school and monitor their progress in school. 

Vocational Training

Manos de Maya

We implement vocational training in sewing, welding, construction skills, and computer repair to adults who were not able to complete their education. Becoming skilled laborers allows them to increase their income and improve their quality of life. 


We are proud to say that our vocational sewing program has blossomed into Manos de Maya, a fair trade cooperative where mothers in the community create clothes and bags made from handwoven fabrics from San Antonio.


Our Library


The ability to read can change the harsh reality of poverty and change children’s lives. Well-read children become better educated because they are exposed to new thoughts and topics. Their choices of employment are expanded and they have the potential to become future leaders who become a gift to the world.


Children who read on a regular basis not only learn that reading IS worthwhile but they also learn that THEY are worthwhile.

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Nutrition Education

Parents attend workshops on how to prepare more nutritious meals for their families.

A healthy diet helps children to learn better!

During our After-school Program, students receive a daily healthy snack.

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