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Staff and Permanent Volunteers


Egidia Perez keeps all of our 47 kids in line. She skillfully manages them, making sure their homework is done and building in them an enthusiasm for reading.  She is also learning English and gives tours in English when the occasion arises.  


Clay Stark heads our English Program, teaching full-time as well as coordinating volunteers. He speaks Spanish fluently having lived in Guatemala in the past. He enjoys cross-country bicycle riding.

Our kids receive English class 5-days a week.

Rosa Lopez is in charge of keeping  our facility clean and orderly. In addition she prepares and serves nutritious snacks to the children as well as working with our mothers teaching them how to prepare nutritious meals using local ingredients. Rosa is also learning English.

Rosa Lopez wears two hats, one as our bookkeeper and the other as our pre-school teacher. Being a registered Guatemalan entity requires a lot of complicated bookkeeping.  Fortunately Rosa is very capable of managing those details not to mention managing 9 pre-schoolers. She is also learning English

Maureen (2).jpg

Maureen Mack hales from Minneapolis where she taugh middle-school math. Her talent for making math fun and understandable is clearly evident by the high math marks our kids are receiving.  Maureen gives classes 3 days a week.

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Sue Bohenstengel heads our adult and community programming which range from raising chickens and community gardening to sewing and English classes.  Our moms have  earned significant additional income from the products they make in the sewing club.

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