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 Programs for Kids


Sponsoring a child keeps them in school, as parents often can't afford the costs of school. Additionally, there is no high school in our village, so older students need to take public transportation, sometimes at great distances, to continue their education. 


Students attend our program daily to receive help with their homework, participate in our English classes, take part in our Love to Read program and receive math tutorials. We maintain constant contact with their teachers to monitor their progress in school. 


 Programs for Adults  & Families


Sessions on dental hygiene, nutrition and infectious diseases

are conducted by local and visiting professionals. Workshops on self-esteem, sexual abuse, parenting skills and professional growth are provided to children and adults.


Our classes in sewing, welding and English skills lead to a source of greater income for Guatemalans living poverty, beyond the more common meager income from making tortillas or selling small cash crops.

What Your Donation Will Do ...

$30 a month ($360 a year) sponsors a primary school child 
$60 a month ($720 a year) sponsors a high school student
$25 buys several books for our library
$35 buys food to feed a family of 5 for a week
$50 pays our utility bill for a month
$100 helps employ a local person to assist with our programs.



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