Welcome to our tienda   

We are moms who have learned to sew and are excited to share our beautiful textiles with you.


Learning to sew has given us a greater sense of empowerment and of course,  provides us with additional income to better provide for our families. 

We are proud to show you some of our favorite items below.

 Product Features:

  • traditional handwoven fabric

  • up-cycled

  • washable   

  • Fair Trade

Prices shown include shipping from Guatemala to Florida. Shipping from Florida to you will be additional. 

Soon we will have an online store available

For more info, to order, or be notified when we open the online store please contact: manosdemaya@gmail.com

Our most popular items 

Tote Bag, 17" h x 16" w,  2 inside pockets, lined, washable and strong. Comes in a variety of colors.

 $ 20 US plus $ 5 s/h.

10" Zipper Cosmetic Bag, lined, and washable. Comes in a variety of colors.

$12 US  plus $4 s/h

Shoulder purse, 7" w x 8.5" h, adjustable strap with outside zipper pocket and zipper closure on top. Various colors. Washable  $13.50 US plus $3.50 s/h

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