Experience life in San Antonio Aguas Caliente with a walking tour, a display of Mayan culture and weaving, and a typical Guatemalan lunch prepared by a local Maya.

"The tour gave me a glimpse of real Guatemalan life. Truly a enjoyable experience.


Working at the program was one of the best experiences of my life. I lived with and became close friends with a Mayan student's family. I also took Spanish classes from the mother of one of the students, an experienced and certified Spanish teacher. During the week I prepared and gave English lessons for my two classes of enthusiastic students. Even now, working in a high school in Colorado, I miss the little village of San Antonio Aguas Calientes, the other teachers at the school and my host sisters and parents. But most of all, I miss teaching in a school where my students' lives are being transformed. 

Thea Samson, Colorado 2016




Reading is not part of the culture in Guatemala - children living in poverty generally don't even see a book until grade one. Many of the parents of these kids are illiterate, never having been able to go to school themselves.


Our small but growing library with donated English and Spanish books has enabled us to established a "Love of Reading" program to get kids hooked on reading.


Your wonderful donation will provide books, and support a librarian to develop more reading programs for our kids and keep them on track!!