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William Josue Garcia Barreno, Vice President and Assistant Director
Antigua, Guatemala 

 As a child I was sponsored through Common Hope until I finished school in administration. I grew up in a big family where there was little money for food, let alone education. I believe that life can teach you to appreciate what you have and makes you ask yourself how can I help others in the same situation. At least this is true for me. I believe in Christ and that all good things are possible. My personal experience is the asset I bring to the organization. I know the daily challenges our families face.

Andrea Chisholm, President
Ontario, Canada

Retired Canadian litigation lawyer, university instructor, administrative assistant for family business; completed several years of post graduate work in the field of education, leadership and policy. Has volunteered with various organizations in Canada and abroad to advance education and human rights.

I come from a family of teachers and have benefited all of my life from excellent education supports, mentors and systems. Being involved with Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans allows me to pay this forward by sharing the skills, experiences and resources that my education has given me with others in the human family in need. My journey has led me to Guatemala and to my ongoing commitment to understanding, serving and supporting the education and wellbeing of students and families in our community.

Sue Bohenstengel, Secretary/Treasurer
Chicago, IL currently residing in Guatemala

Retired Director of non-profit organizations. BS in Elementary Education, Masters in Business Administration, Certified ESL teacher, Currently serving on the boards of Antigua Street Dogs Guatemala, Friends of Antigua Street Dogs NFP, USA, and CatVando NFP, USA. For the majority of my life, I have worked in the non-profit sector. Retirement to me means finding another meaningful activity which rewards me in more ways than a salary would. I'm involved in the organization because I'm impressed with the leadership and staff of the organization. 

NosbertoL COG.jpg
Nosberto  L. Lou, Director
Guatemala,Guatemala and Ottawa, Canada

Civil Engineer, MBS, Masters Degree in Family Education. Currently working as a Consultant for Apartments Development in Guatemala. As a Guatemalan Rotarian for more lthan 30 years, I am aware of lthe many needs that Guatemalans have in health, education, and social issues. When I met COFG, I could see within the Organization, the passion and willingnewss to help Guatemalans get out of poverty by education and by discovery of better ways to achieve a greater future. Living part of my year in Ottawa and the other in Guatemala, I try to bring my local expertise to the Organization.

Riley C. Starr, Director
Montreal, Canada

 Co-founder and senior consultant at Les Ateliers du Nouveau Gourmand

 Former Master Brewer

 I spent several years managing production for two craft breweries in Montreal and have committed the last five years of my life as an entrepreneur in chocolate and confectionery. My passions in life all center around good food and drink in some way. My travels have led me to become acquainted with the people of Guatemala and the work that Creating Opportunities is doing there. My support for the organisation is driven by the belief that nobody should have to go to bed on an empty stomach. 

Vicki Horsfield, Executive Director and Founder
Montreal, Canada, currently residing in Guatemala

Former Physiotherapist as well as a Science and Math Adult Education teacher.

I went to Guatemala in 2012 for language school. In April of 2014, I started Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans along with William Garcia, our Vice-President. As a teacher, I know that education is the only lasting means of breaking the cycle of poverty. With an education, the children sponsored through our program will not only have a more prosperous future but their children and grandchildren will not experience the poverty that their families live in at present. With an education, they will also be able to make better decisions for their community and their country. 

Dustin Johnson, Director

Denver, Colorado

Canadian CPA, currently working full-time at a charity in Colorado.  My wife, Nancy, and I first connected with COFG by volunteering there in 2018.  We have two wonderful daughters, Ali and Katriana, who live together in Florida.   

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